Sunday, April 19, 2015

Welcome back Dr. James Scrimgeour  

Join us in the gallery for a very special afternoon presentation on Sunday, April 19 at 2:00 pm by Dr. James R.  Scrimgeour, a Professor Emeritus at Western Connecticut State University.  Dr. Scrimgeour has published nine books of poetry and over 220 poems in anthologies and periodicals. He has been nominated for several Pushcart Prizes, and he has given over 250 public readings of his work including one at an International Conference on Poetry and History, Stirling, Scotland. Furthermore, he was one of five poets recently featured on the CBS CT poetry blog. 
     Dr Scrimgeour will read poems that represent at least three of his major interests: 
poems about his family (a long-standing staple of his work), poems dealing with the relationship between landscape and consciousness (i.e., poems written ‘in plain air’), and poems written as a result of his engagement with the work of Monet including poems that grew out of his recent visit to France.
     He currently resides in New Milford Connecticut with his wife, Christine Xanthakos Scrimgeour, and serves New Milford on its arts commission.           

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