Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Just like many of you, the artists at Gallery 25 are looking forward to a brighter and more colorful season. Our new show "March Madness" celebrates the weeks to come. Winter in the gallery has vanished and has been replaced with a bevy of brighter landscapes and colorful floral paintings. The gallery artisans have been hard at work, too, with many new designs and products that are perfect gifts for Mother's Day!

We also welcome two new artists to Gallery 25. Karin Mansberg joins us as a printmaker. She is exhibiting framed artwork and prints on fabric. We look forward to seeing new designs as the months unfold. And, we welcome Mary Jean Elizabeth. She paints beautiful small scale oil paintings on wood panels. Mary Jean studied in Florence and her work reflects an old world charm and intimacy.

And, on March 19 our Guest Artist, Kayla Ek, will give an hour long Art Talk. Kayla's works are lively and thoughtful and contemporary! Her art talk will help us understand how she selected the pieces shown in the gallery and how her thoughts led her into each piece. Her program will begin at 2:00 pm and is free. Light refreshments following her program as we receive the public for our new show!