Monday, April 11, 2016

Two Great Programs for Visual Artists!!

"Weir'd You Go?" with Angi Shearstone

May 21 at 2:00 pm - this is a free Art Talk

Ms. Shearstone is an award-winning professional artist with an MFA
in comics, a small herd of cats, strong geek tendencies and a great love for ska-core. In addition to creating and selling fine art, Angi has worked in children's books and comics as an illustrator and writer, and is currently working on a series of novels. She just completed an Artist-in-Residency program with Weir Farm National Historic Site during February 2016.

While on site, Angi took the time to further develop her approach to traditional Chinese brush painting techniques and subject matter. Her interest in Chinese aesthetics began in 2003, and her residency provided time to experiment with toned and marbled backgrounds,
as well as with different surfaces.

As with any creative endeavor, keeping her work plan flexible opened the doors to the unexpected. Within the inspired historical setting and former home of Impressionist painter J. Alden Weir, Angi couldn’t resist the urge to return to large oil painting, after many years away from it. From the first few strokes she fell in love with oils again, and started a new series allowing the spirit and soul of Weir Farm influence her hand. These landscapes constitute the first of many more to come in the months ahead.

On Saturday, May 21st at 2:00 pm, Gallery 25 will host a free Art Talk entitled “Weir’d You Go?” by Ms. Shearstone. The artist will highlight her accomplishments during her month long residency at Weir Farm and her talk coincides with an exhibit of her works in Gallery 25. Reception following to meet Ms. Shearstone and introduce the newest exhibition of works by gallery members. Music during the reception by Abby Lane.


Create Your Own Career in Art with Vince Giarrano 

May 22 at 1:30 pm - Fee to attend $20.00 each

Vince Giarrano, professional fine art painter from Washington CT, will present a program for dedicated fine artists entitled "Creating Your Own Career" on Sunday, May 22nd, from 1:30 pm to 3:00 Gallery 25 and Creative Arts Studio in New Milford.   Any artist who is attempting to navigate the waters of the art market and find their ideal place in it will appreciate hearing about Giarrano's steps to success.  He figured it out and is admired by visual artists of all levels. His program on May 22 will detail some of his best tips to help aspiring artists of any media figure out a plan for realizing their goals. Participants will begin their process during this workshop. Please bring a notebook/sketchbook and a pen. Light refreshments will be offered. Vince had established himself as an illustrator of comic books, but yearned to leave that profession to concentrate on fine art painting.  Over a period of 16 years he used a variety of methods to understand how to reach his goals, to consciously refine his own artistic concept, and to make a plan of action for reaching his audience.  His paintings capture the beauty that exists in people moving through everyday life, in particular everyday life in New York City.  Mr. Giarrano is now represented in galleries across the U.S., U.K. and in Europe.